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Getting around Vancouver

Explore Vancouver's many attractions by foot, public transit, or bike. Learn about your options for getting around Vancouver and how we are promoting green transportation as part of the Greenest City Action Plan.

Accessibility around the city

Walking on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver welcomes visitors of all abilities from around the world to enjoy our beautiful city.

The City is committed to creating an accessible community by removing barriers that might keep you, or someone you care about, from fully enjoying Vancouver.

Accessible streets benefit everyone. Curb ramps and bus ramps make getting around the city easy, especially for those pushing strollers and using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and canes.

Audible street signals and curb cuts in the sidewalk help pedestrians with vision impairments cross the street.

Check out the services available to help you get around in Vancouver.

Green Transportation

Our goal is to make walking, cycling, and public transit preferred transportation options. Learn more about our Greenest City goal: Green Transportation.

Visitor's guide to public transit

Get to know the names of the City's public transportation modes so you can get around the City more easily.

Traffic cameras

Our traffic cameras are only used to monitor traffic conditions. View our major intersection traffic camera images.

Information on getting around the city

Walking and accessibility

Curb ramps and audible signal devices installed at crosswalks help make our streets accessible.

Time-limited and pay (meter) parking

On-street parking in Vancouver includes time-limited parking and pay (meter) parking.

Transportation 2040 Plan

Our plan provides a vision for how people and goods move in and around Vancouver for the next 30 years.