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Grandview-Woodland Citizens’ Assembly selected

August 12 2014

An event in the Grandview neighbourhood

From a pool of 504 community members who actively volunteered to be part of the Grandview-Woodland Citizens’ Assembly, 48 have been randomly selected.

Assembly a vital part of the community planning process

The Citizens’ Assembly is a vital part of the overall community planning process. A random, blind, automated selection process was used as a fair and unbiased way to select the members. The Assembly’s recommendations will be presented in a final report to Vancouver City Council no later than June 30, 2015.

About the Citizens' Assembly

Members reflect diversity of the community

The 48 members who were selected reflect the characteristics and diversity of the Grandview-Woodland community, with:

  • An equal number of men and women
  • All adult age groups, including 10 members between the ages of 16 and 29
  • Accurate proportions of renters, owners, and co-op residents
  • Geographic representation from all areas of the community 
  • Seven self-identified aboriginal members
  • Representation from local business owners

Run by independent advisory firm

The Grandview-Woodland Citizens’ Assembly will be run by MASS LBP, an independent advisory firm specializing in public engagement. The Assembly will be overseen by an Advisory Committee made up of respected practicing professionals, academics, and community engagement specialists who will provide additional oversight and guidance to the Assembly process.

Goal of the Assembly

The Assembly’s goal is to review and make recommendations on a range of important neighbourhood issues, such as affordable living, economic development, and public spaces and facilities.

Why the Assembly was created

The City began the process of creating a new community plan for the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood in April 2012. In addition to extensive planning work, the process included consultations with residents and community organizations; however, the community asked for additional consultation opportunities.

City Council passed a motion to create a Citizens’ Assembly, an important, pioneering initiative that will put local residents at the centre of the planning process, on September 27, 2013.

Support the Assembly: participate in consultation events

Volunteers not selected to be members of the Assembly and the public will be invited to participate in activities and consultation events in the fall and in 2015, with the outcomes supporting the Assembly’s work.

Follow the work of the Citizens’ Assembly and submit suggestions

Learn about the Grandview-Woodland community plan

Grandview plan

Grandview-Woodland community plan

The Grandview-Woodland Community Plan sets out a thoughtfully-managed framework for future change and anticipated population growth of about 10,000 people over the next three decades.