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Historic Orpheum celebrates 90 Years

October 16 2017 Anniversary to be marked with 1927 themed celebration on November 24, hosted by Bill Richardson and Maestro Bramwell Tovey

The stage at the Orpheum theatre

This November, Vancouver's iconic Orpheum celebrates 90 years of entertainment.

To honour the anniversary, citizens are invited to attend a 1920s themed, Orpheum 90, party presented by Vancouver Civic Theatres (VCT) in partnership with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (VSO) .

The evening will feature entertainment from the early days of the Orpheum, including a silent film accompanied by the Mighty Wurlitzer, and live vaudeville performed by recipients of VCT's grant program.

Co-host, author, and former CBC radio host Bill Richardson will paint a picture of the Orpheum's rich history, and delight the crowd with stories of famous performers, the evolving entertainment industry, and the Save the Orpheum legacy.

For the final act, Maestro Bramwell Tovey takes his place at the piano to accompany Buster Keaton's classic silent film, The Blacksmith.

Following the auditorium presentation, guests are invited to the lobby where they can have a slice of birthday cake, imbibe in 1920s inspired provisions, practice the Charleston to a live brass band, and head to the photo booth to capture the moment.

Attendees are encouraged to dress-up for a 1920s red carpet entry; prizes awarded for best costumes.

Orpheum 90 is on Friday, November 24. Tickets are $19.27 - a nod to the year the theatre opened.

Learn more about the Orpheum's history.

The Orpheum is owned and operated by the City of Vancouver's Civic Theatres department.

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