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Hot times, summer in the city

July 7 2017

Park Ranger

The summer sunshine makes our parks a perfect, summer playground. However, this weather increases the fire hazard in city parks.

Currently, the fire hazard rating in parks is moderate, although fire monitoring stations are pointing to increased fire risk due to dry conditions.

Hazard ratings are determined by Metro Vancouver and the British Columbia Forest Service.

Watch fire hazard ratings

Park visitors are advised to watch for increases in fire hazard ratings and obey posted notices.

When fire hazard ratings are at extreme, people are asked to stay on trails and not use charcoal or wood burning barbecues, even at designated picnic sites.

BBQs still permitted

BBQs are still permitted in parks, provided they are used appropriately:

  • At least 30 cm (1') off the ground
  • On picnic tables with concrete underneath at designated picnic sites

Smoking and campfires are prohibited in parks and beaches. Park Rangers enforce the Vancouver Park Board’s no smoking by-laws with violations subject to a $250 fine.

Park visitors are reminded to butt out. There is now a $500 penalty for chucking a cigarette butt near a boulevard, planter or onto dry grass or vegetation. No such fine previously existed.

Campfires banned

Campfires in parks and beaches are also a no-no at any time. Anyone found to be burning in those places can be fined between $50 and $2,000 depending on the location and severity of the fire.

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, Metro Vancouver, and the Vancouver Park Board work together to protect Vancouver's urban forest, especially heavily treed parks, through fire prevention, suppression, and preparation.

Residents and visitors play an important role in fire prevention and detection. Call 3-1-1 immediately or use the VanConnect app to report smoking, open campfires or evidence of a wildfire in parks or beaches.