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ICBC makes significant investment in road safety for Vancouver

October 6 2017

“Thanks to this funding from ICBC, we are going to be able to make improvements at key intersections sooner,” says Jerry Dobrovolny, General Manager of Engineering.

People standing at the Cornwall and Burrard St intersection

The City of Vancouver has received a $930,000 funding investment from ICBC to support further improvements to the street network in 2017.

The improvements will help move Vancouver closer to its goal of achieving zero traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries on the street network. 

“Thanks to this funding from ICBC, we are going to be able to make improvements at key intersections sooner,” says Jerry Dobrovolny, General Manager of Engineering for the City of Vancouver. “Previous funding that we have received from this program allowed us to build safety improvements that have resulted in decreased collisions and improved safety on our streets throughout the city.” 

Improving the safety of roads throughout the province

The investment is part of ICBC’s Road Improvement Program, which works in partnership with municipalities and the B.C. government to improve the safety of roads throughout the province for all road users.

“While claims costs continue to rise in our province, our road improvement program is showing positive results in reducing crashes and injuries at targeted locations throughout B.C. and as a result, the program will continue to be a top road safety priority for us,” says Lindsay Matthews, ICBC’s director responsible for road safety. “We’re proud to partner with the City of Vancouver on these improvements to help make the community safer for everyone.”

In addition to funding improvements for vulnerable road users, this is also supporting City of Vancouver work at the Knight and Marine Interchange and the Burrard and Pacific intersection, which were previously our first and second highest locations for vehicle-to-vehicle collisions.

Improvements will reduce vehicle collisions and make these intersections function better for all road users.

Learn more about ICBC’s Road Improvement Program  

Safety improvements

The funds will go toward safety improvements throughout Vancouver, including: 

  • Knight and Marine Interchange improvements
  • Burrard and Pacific intersection improvements and bridge upgrades 
  • 25 intersections to get LED lighting at signalized intersections
  • 5 flashing beacons, to be located adjacent to elementary and secondary schools 
  • Left turn arrow phasing installation at Knight and King Edward (south bound, east bound, and west bound left turns)
  • New curb ramps at 130 locations
  • 10 uninterruptible power supply units for continuous power at signals in case of power outage 

Improvements since 2012

Since the 2012 Pedestrian Safety Study was completed, significant improvements have been made throughout the street network in Vancouver.

Improvements include: 

  • LED Lighting installed at 30 intersections. A study of 18 of these locations demonstrates that they are achieving a 46 percent reduction in after dark collisions with a pedestrian that result in a fatality or an injury. 
  • The pilot program in Vancouver for flashing beacons at three intersections resulted in an increase from 50 to 98 percent in yielding by drivers to allow pedestrians to cross. 
  • 16 left turn vehicle arrows installed. In a study of five, these are showing a result of a 38 percent reduction of collisions involving a pedestrian. 
  • 24 new pedestrian signals installed. Studies have shown that the pedestrian signals have resulted in a 96 percent reduction in collisions.

Read the Pedestrian Safety Study final report (8.3 MB)

Achieving zero traffic-related fatalities or serious injuries on the road network is one of three targets of Transportation 2040.

Learn more about the City’s Moving Towards Zero plan, priority intersections and corridors, and how we are improving transportation safety.