International and consular relationships

Yokohama photo by Skyseeker on Flickr

International relationships (sister cities and friendship cities)

The City of Vancouver has five sister-city relationships with:

  • Odesa, Ukraine - 1944
  • Yokohama, Japan - 1965
  • Edinburgh, Scotland - 1978
  • Guangzhou, China - 1985
  • Los Angeles, United States - 1986

Vancouver’s sister city relationships are supported by City staff and community groups, who work together to share information, promote educational exchange, and enhance economic development.

We are no longer entering into new sister city relationships. Sister cities are ongoing relationships based on historical and cultural ties. We have capped the number of sister cities to five maximum.

Our External Relations and Protocol department is the principal point of contact for our five sister cities and for local community groups who support sister city activities.

Friendship City Program

Our Friendship City Program (207 KB) was established by Vancouver City Council in July 2022. It is intended to facilitate time-limited city-to-city partnerships that strengthen cultural and business relationships internationally and are governed by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with measurable goals and objectives.  

Friendship City relationships are to be initiated and operated by local non-profits representing a group of residents or businesses in Vancouver with an active relationship with a proposed Friendship City. The local non-profit is to be responsible for all associated Friendship City activities and costs, and would be required to demonstrate that the Friendship City relationship meets the program criteria.

Consular relations

The External Relations and Protocol office is the principal point of contact for members of the Consular Corps of British Columbia wishing to engage with the City.  

Consulates in the city of Vancouver can contact Natti Schmid, Acting Chief, External Relations and Protocol at 604-679-6527 or

Visit City Hall

Walk the Vancouver City Hall grounds and third floor to view photographs, gifts, and artwork that represent our sister cities. Discover the 1930s-era architecture and design of Vancouver City Hall.