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Keeping traffic flowing during busy street-use season

August 5 2015

Road barricades around a construction site

Vancouver's growing, successful economy has resulted in a high number of active construction sites and numerous public events. 

We manage traffic congestion with planning, technology, and legwork

All activity taking place in the street – such as road work, private construction by developers and utilities, film and special events – requires a permit.

We create traffic management plans based on traffic data and coordinate street activities in order to limit traffic impacts on everyone. We then monitor activity to ensure permit-holders comply.

From May to late July, our inspectors visited more than 90 construction work sites to:

  • Address improper traffic control
  • Correct how lanes were used
  • Ensure warning and information signs were posted
  • Ensure workers followed the permit requirements

Of these visits, only five resulted in stop-work orders.

Stay informed on traffic

Plan ahead with our map of road construction and closures on our VanConnect app or online at vancouver.ca/roadwork.

Get up-to-date images of traffic around the city from our traffic cameras.

Learn about potential and real-time traffic impacts on our Twitter feed, Facebook page, traffic advisories, and electronic message boards.

Consider walking, cycling, and transit as great ways to get around this summer.