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Medical marijuana-related businesses: permitting, licensing, and enforcement continues

May 19 2016

City Hall in summer, behind the trees on the north lawn

We are making progress in the licensing process and are continuing to take enforcement action against Medical Marijuana-related Use (MMRU) stores operating outside of City bylaws. 

Permits and licensing update

  • 10 development permits have been issued to date
  • 11 full development permits are under review and pending community input

Issued first business licence

We have recently issued the first business licence under the retail model for MMRU to the Wealth Shop Society (4545 W. 10th Avenue).

Two other business licence applications are currently under review. These applicants are in the final stages of submitting documents to meet our final requirements such as:

  • Property Use Inspection
  • Good Neighbour Agreement
  • Health risk signage
  • Security plan
  • Police information checks

Locations of issued permits and licences are shown on a map. If approved, locations issued business licenses under the City’s Bylaw will appear on the map with a green pin (current approved development applications are marked in blue).

Learn more about the application process

Random draw for applications

On May 11, Internal Audit staff conducted random draws for four clusters with multiple applications in zone compliant areas, which were within 300 metres of each other.

Successful applicants

The successful applicant in each cluster is now eligible to move on in the process by submitting a full development permit application.

Unsuccessful applicants

The unsuccessful applicants in the random draw process will not be able to obtain a business licence at their current location. They will be allowed to operate for up to six months and reapply if they find a new location that meets zoning regulations.

Draw results

Successful applicants are listed in bold.

Cluster Addresses

5055 Victoria Drive – The Herb Co. Kensington (successful applicant)

4920 Victoria Drive – Lotusland East Vancouver Cannabis Society


548 Robson Street – Kush and Co.

610 Robson Street – Vancity Weed Dispensary Inc. (successful applicant)


3747 W. 10th Avenue – Banana Health Society

3727 W. 10th Avenue – Lotusland West Point Cannabis Society (successful applicant)

1540 W. 2nd Avenue – The Village Dispensary

1812 W. 4th Avenue – Better Living Society

1864 W 4th Avenue – Cannawide Dispensary

1712 W 4th Avenue – Apollo Medical (successful applicant)

1952 W 4th Avenue – Lotusland Cannabis Society (successful applicant)

Enforcement update

  • As of May 17, 2016, bylaw inspectors have issued a total of 139 violation tickets worth $250.00 each.
  • There are currently 61 stores operating that are subject to enforcement.
  • Since enforcement action started on April 29, a total of 30 medical marijuana stores have closed. 
  • Currently, 20 stores continue to operate that are not subject to enforcement as they work their way through the process (these include locations in a zone-compliant cluster or those moving forward in the permit and licensing stage).