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Ming Sun building update

February 5 2014


The City ordered the Ming Sun building owner to remove hazardous material and secure structural issues in the building by January 31, 2014. The building owner has submitted a safety plan for workers accessing the building and the City has lifted the orders restricting access to the building.

Next steps

Although the building is now structurally secure, the owner needs to continue to address the long term safety of the building. The owner will be required to:

  • Get permits before beginning work to repair, restore, or demolish the building (before August 5, 2014)
  • Ensure the building and site remain in a safe condition to avoid any public safety issues
  • Keep the site clear of garage and graffiti

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Ming Sun building update

The City has issued an order to the Ming Sun building owner detailing further steps required to secure the structure of the building.

City boards up Ming Sun Building to protect public

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services (VFRS) was called out to the Ming Sun Building after receiving a report that water was coming out of the building. The water valve was immediately shut off at the building to stop the flow of water.

City addresses public safety issue of Ming Sun Building

The City engaged a demolition company and a structural engineer to oversee and undertake the removal of the bricks on the west wall and chimney of the Ming Sun Building in an effort to make the external structure safe.

Statement on the Ming Sun Building

Over the past five months, the City has taken repeated steps to ensure the safety of the Ming Sun Building. Unfortunately, the owners have refused to provide a plan to make the urgent repairs required.

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