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Mobi bike share app now available to download free

September 27 2016 Apple and Android versions both online

Mobi bike

Vancouver’s bike share users now have a new and “on-the-go” way to find and pay to use a Mobi  bike. 
The Mobi app is now available in both:

Key features of the app

  • Sign up and choose a plan; e.g. day pass or monthly pass options
  • Find station locations and plan your trip
  • Search for available bikes and empty docks to return your bike
  • View your trips and kilometres logged
  • View updates such as new station locations that have gone live
  • Contact customer service or report a problem

Popularity of Mobi

Mobi is off to a strong start in Vancouver with almost 76,000 total rides to date since the July 20, 2016, launch which was a limited release to one-year membership holders only (there are close to 5,000 members). The system was opened up to wider use on August 18.
The popularity of Mobi is in line with the increased use of bicycles for both commuting and recreation:

  • Between 2013 and 2015, the number of cycling trips as a mode of transportation has increased from 4% to 7% of all trips taken in the city.
  • Vancouver also leads other large North American cities with 10% of residents reporting they cycle to work (For more data: Walking + Cycling in Vancouver; 2015 Report Card, City of Vancouver  (2 MB). 

Improvement to bicycle infrastructure

Improvements to bicycle infrastructure across the city are also showing tangible results:

  • The enhancement of the bike lane on Hornby Street in Downtown Vancouver in 2011 has resulted in a 40% increase in the share of women riding on that route, a reflection of increased perceptions of safety and comfort.
  • August 2016 was also a record month for cycling on key routes with bike lane counters  (751 KB) ; the seawall at Science World saw the highest bike volumes ever recorded with more than 200,000 trips.