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More than 150 people accommodated at warming shelters over the weekend

December 19 2016 Community centres open again Monday night

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More than 150 people were able to come in out of the weather and warm up over the weekend thanks to our coordinated efforts.

Some community centres stayed open after hours Saturday and Sunday nights, staffed by City and Park Board employees along with members of the Vancouver Volunteer Corps.

All three warming shelters are open Monday night

Turnout at the warming shelters over the weekend
  Saturday Sunday
Britannia Community Centre 20 people 30 people
Creekside Community Centre 20 people 25 people
West End Community Centre   38 people

The Khalsa Diwan Society also opened its doors to those seeking shelter and accommodated an additional 17 people Saturday. Yellow Cab provided transport to any of the shelters free of charge.

All three community warming shelters will be open again Monday night.

These warming shelters, while not full service shelters with beds, offered a place to warm up and enjoy a hot drink. Some people also chose to sleep overnight at these locations.

Shelter spaces in Vancouver

There are:

  • 956 permanent shelter beds
  • 195 additional temporary winter shelter beds
  • Up to 234 beds available during extreme weather

Phone 2-1-1 to check if shelter spaces are available.

Due to the recent cold snap, however, many shelters have had to turn people away. We are working with BC Housing to identify additional winter shelter opportunities.

Community centres and other public buildings are also available during their opening hours as spaces to warm up.


Over the last eight winters, we've partnered with BC Housing to open temporary winter shelters so people experiencing homelessness can find the support they need. Winter shelters save lives by connecting homeless residents with necessary health, social, and housing services. 

Learn about our Winter Response Shelter Strategy