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More voting access for citizens with disabilities and other vulnerable residents

April 18 2018 –

An update to Vancouver’s election bylaw now provides more voting opportunities for citizens with disabilities and other vulnerable residents.

About the bylaw updates

Under the updated bylaw, we can now bring mobile voting places to homeless shelters and social service drop-in centres. The previous bylaw only allowed us to bring mobile voting to hospitals and provincially-regulated care facilities. 

As well, the bylaw has been revised to allow smaller facilities to be eligible for mobile voting opportunities. Previously, facilities needed to accommodate 50 residents or more to qualify for mobile voting. Now facilities with space for 30 residents or more can qualify. 

Expanding the mobile voting program enables the City to further address diverse barriers facing voters, including mobility challenges, mental illness and socioeconomic struggles. 

Changes in effect for 2018 election

The City’s Chief Election Officer recommended the update after staff reviewed the criteria for mobile voting, which had not been revised since 1993. 

The bylaw changes take effect immediately and will apply to the 2018 Vancouver municipal election.

Beyond mobile voting, voters in 2018 will also vote by mail, in advance, and on Election Day – October 20, 2018.

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