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City of Vancouver unveils new, improved development signage

June 19 2013

Development proposals will be better explained with clear, engaging signage.

We are improving how we communicate around property development and we asked for your feedback on the changes.

The Engaged City Task Force told us that signs for rezoning and development projects need an overhaul. Our current signs use small fonts and overly technical language. This makes it hard to inform you about potential changes in your neighbourhood and to encourage your feedback.

The new development project signs communicate projects better. They feature:

  • Easy-to-understand language and details
  • Improved visuals (a sketch and site map)
  • Information on how residents you can give input online or in person

Click the samples of the current (left) and new signage (right) to view larger versions.

The current development signage. Click to view a larger image. The new, improved development signage. Click to view a larger image.

The online questionnaire was available from June 19 to July 26, 2013. 

The new signage makes its debut on the fence at 720 – 730 East Hastings, a proposed development site that the Vancouver Public Library (VPL) and YWCA Metro Vancouver seek to rezone. The proposal is for a six-storey mixed use building that includes space for the following:

  • A new Downtown Eastside/Strathcona public library branch
  • YWCA community programming space
  • 21 supported housing units

Redesigning development project signage was one of the key recommendations in the Engaged City Task Force’s Quick Starts Report, approved by City Council last week. The Task Force’s mandate is to increase neighbourhood engagement and improve upon the many ways the City connects with Vancouverites.

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Mayor's Engaged City Task Force

The Task Force is examining how to increase neighbourhood engagement and improve the ways we connect with residents.

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