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New partnership to improve immigrant experience in Vancouver

March 31 2015

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Helping newcomers become localsĀ 

The Vancouver Immigration Partnership (VIP) is a new initiative to:

  1. Improve immigrant access to services
  2. Strengthen intercultural and civic engagement
  3. Create inclusive workplaces
  4. Work with governments and public institutions to address immigrant needs

Led by the City of Vancouver and funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), VIP's goals are to:

  1. Build partnerships among all sectors working to improve the newcomer experience
  2. Develop an Immigrant Settlement and Integration Strategy for Vancouver

"Vancouver is known throughout the world for our remarkable diversity and our commitment to inclusion, but we've heard from new Canadians and our research that newcomers need further support in building stronger social networks and becoming engaged with the local community," said Mayor Gregor Robertson. "Led by the Mayor's Working Group on Immigration, the Vancouver Immigration Partnership will build on our work to improve access to services, engagement, and economic opportunities for newcomers to our city."

What we learned from the Vancouver Immigrant Survey

To develop a clearer picture of the immigrant experience, VIP conducted a citywide survey in February which attracted over 1,800 responses from immigrants living in Vancouver.

Read our preliminary survey results

Vancouver Immigrant Survey highlights

By City of Vancouver


We'll be collecting immigrant stories to understand our cultural diversity

To encourage more sharing between immigrants and local residents, VIP is partnering with Passages Canada, a national online story archive, to collect stories from Vancouver immigrants.

Over the next twelve months, VIP and Passages Canada will collect up to 100 stories from immigrants about their experiences living in Vancouver.

These firsthand accounts will provide an intimate portrait of the immigrant experience in Vancouver and develop greater understanding and insight into the City's rich cultural diversity that has resulted from immigration.

Who we're working with

VIP is supported by four strategy groups that represent over 100 local community partners and organizations like:

  • Vancouver School Board
  • Business improvement associations
  • Community service organizations
  • Universities, colleges, and research institutions

These groups will champion VIP by raising the public profile of newcomer issues and assisting with the development of the Vancouver Immigrant Settlement and Integration Strategy.

Learn about VIP and its partners