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New wayfinding increases likelihood of walking

August 25 2014

Pedestrians and bus near English Bay

Every trip starts and ends on foot, and the best way to experience any city is by walking.

To help make finding a walking route in Vancouver even easier:

  • 210 map stands will be updated or installed, starting in the downtown core this September
  • Additional maps will be installed around the city throughout the fall

Commitment to wayfinding is part of the Transportation 2040 Plan

The improved and expanded wayfinding system is part of a commitment by the City in our Transportation 2040 Plan to ensure that navigating the city is easy and enjoyable for pedestrians. The new signage is part of the City's strategy to ensure an inclusive, healthy, prosperous, and liveable future for Vancouver.

How these maps will improve your walking experience

Pedestrian wayfinding helps people orient themselves and makes it easier to connect between amenities and destinations. In a recent on-street questionnaire, 82 per cent of people using the current wayfinding system said they were more likely to walk between places because of the maps.

Updates to the wayfinding system include:

  • A richer level of detail, including demarcation of accessibility aids (e.g. ramps, elevators) and obstacles (e.g. stairs) for people with mobility challenges
  • User-friendly maps oriented to the user’s perspective
  • More maps, particularly outside of the downtown core
  • Better connections to other sustainable modes of transportation, including public transit

Creating consistent mapping across the city with our partners

To create more consistent mapping across the city, the City worked with agencies including TransLink, the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, and Tourism Vancouver. These partners have already begun to use the new system by creating their own maps using the City’s pedestrian wayfinding map as the base, such as Tourism Vancouver’s updated visitor map of downtown Vancouver.

Learn more about the Transportation 2040 plan

Dunsmuir bike lane, © Paul Krueger

Transportation 2040 Plan

Our Transportation 2040 Plan provides a vision for how people and goods will move in and around Vancouver for the next 30 years.

How the City supports pedestrians

Parent walking with 2 toddlers in the Creekside area


Walking is the easiest way to get fresh air, stay fit, and explore Vancouver, rated one of the most walkable cities in the world.