Over 1,000 catch basins adopted in Vancouver!

Voting now open to determine the “gratest” catch basin name

Mother and son clearing a street catch basin
December 4 2017 –

For the next week, residents are invited to vote on their favourite catch basin name submitted to our “Grate” Catch Basin Naming Contest.

Since the Adopt a Catch Basin program launched on October 23, 2017, over 1,000 catch basins have been adopted and dozens of punny and funny catch basin names have been entered into the contest.

Residents entered the contest primarily on social media with the hashtag #mycatchbasin for the chance to win a $200 Mountain Equipment Co-op gift certificate for rain gear.

Submissions for the contest were accepted until November 20, 2017 and now residents can vote for their favourite name before voting closes on December 8, 2017.

Some catch basin names in the running include:

  • Ace of Basin'
  • Alexander the Grate
  • Catchment If You Can
  • Draino McDrainface
  • Grates of Wrath
  • Leaf Begone or We Have a Pond
  • No Leafy Greens for Me
  • Oscar the Grate
  • The Grate Outdoors
  • Where the Wild Things Swim

The first runner up will receive a $100 gift certificate to put toward rain boots and the second runner up will receive a limited edition City of Vancouver umbrella with wayfinding map inside.

The naming contest was held to bring attention to our new Adopt a Catch Basin program that invites residents to pick a catch basin near their home or business, and keep it free of leaves, debris, and litter to help reduce flooding in Vancouver neighbourhoods.

The online interface maps out over 45,000 adoptable catch basins across the city. Residents can adopt today, and see what clever names have been chosen for catch basins around town.

Learn more about the program