Rendering of 601 Beach Crescent

Over 150 new low- and moderate-income homes coming to Vancouver

“Gateway” to Vancouver will create healthy, vibrant and inclusive neighbourhood

Vancouver is experiencing a severe shortage of housing that’s affordable to low- and moderate-income renters.

Gil Kelley, General manager of Planning, Urban Design, and Sustainability

October 1 2020 –

A recently approved project at 601 Beach Crescent will provide 152 new homes for low- and moderate-income residents plus a cash contribution of $12.1 million for additional social housing in the area, helping to create a more equitable city for people with a range of income levels. 

“Vancouver is experiencing a severe shortage of housing that’s affordable to low- and moderate-income renters, said Gil Kelley, General manager of Planning, Urban Design, and Sustainability. “Engaging the private sector is one method to increase the supply of affordable housing without the use of limited senior government funding.”  

Sustainable and architecturally creative building

This project furthers our social housing goals set out in the Vancouver Housing Strategy, while at the same time completes the iconic gateway into Vancouver alongside Vancouver House by making a significant contribution to the beauty and visual power of the city’s skyline.

The 55-storey building will be situated at the north end of the Granville Street Bridge between the bridge offramp and Seymour Street, south of Pacific Street. This site, which has been vacant since Expo 86, had already been designated by us as a suitable location for a taller, landmark tower to create a visual gateway into the city centre from the bridge.

City staff worked with the project team in responding to feedback from the Urban Design Panel and the public, resulting in an architecturally creative building with ground level commercial space that will produce a vibrant public realm for residents of all income levels to live work and play. This project also offers significant leadership in sustainability with a passive design that will reduce carbon emissions 50% more than what’s required in the our Green Building Policy. 

Comprised of condominiums and social housing units

The new building will comprise of a total of 455 homes, including 303 condominiums in addition to the 152 social housing units, providing inclusive housing close to jobs and helping to retain diversity of incomes in the city, a key factor in creating healthy neighbourhoods. 

Upon completion of the building, the social housing units will be turned over to us. A non-profit organization will be selected to operate the social housing.

Construction of the project is expected generate approximately 1,600 off-site and on-site jobs, supporting our goal of stimulating Vancouver’s economy while meeting urgent housing needs.