Park Board adjusts seasonal pay parking at Spanish Banks

Spanish Banks parking lot
Photograph by CBC
February 19 2018 –

The Park Board is modifying plans to introduce peak season pay parking at Spanish Banks beaches in consideration of the extensive public feedback received. 

The 2018 Fees and Charges Report  (575 KB) approved by Park Board last fall outlined plans to implement pay parking at Spanish Banks from April 1 to September 30 in order to align with peak season paid parking at all other destination parks and beaches.

Learn about the modified plans

After reviewing the feedback from the public, Staff have modified plans in the following ways: 

  • Pay parking period shortened by 10 weeks
    • New seasonal parking begins May  long weekend and ends on Labor Day. Delays implementation of pay parking by 6 weeks and shortens peak season paid parking by 4 weeks in September
    • Aligns with lifeguard season, most concessions, and opening of outdoor pools
    • Aligns with seasonal public transit service (42 Alma/Spanish Banks) and supports transit options during busiest beach times 
    • Parking at all Spanish Banks lots will still remain free in the off- season from Labor Day through to May long weekend
  •  Free early morning parking (6am - 9am) offered in peak season
    • Mitigates impacts to regular users fond of early morning beach walks
    • Provides free morning access for dog walkers at the year round off leash beach at Spanish Banks west 
  • Increase promotion of peak season pass covering Spanish Banks ($87)
    • Works out to about 80 cents/day (based on 3.5 month peak period)
    • Provides frequent users considerable savings over regular parking rates ($3.50/hr, $13/day)
    • Easy Park to begin promotion of peak season pass on April 1, 2018

During this first year of peak season pay parking at Spanish Banks, staff will monitor the effectiveness of these measures, along with overall impacts on both park usage and the surrounding neighbourhood, to help inform recommendations moving forward.  Please note that Spanish Banks parking remains free to all in the off season. 

When the 2018 fees and charges were approved, staff also noted they would work with transit authorities as well as car and bike share providers to ensure that transportation alternatives would be available to the public. This work is on-going. 

More than 40% of the Park Board’s operating budget is funded by fees and charges. Pay parking is a critical source of revenue, providing funding for the maintenance, security, and cleanliness of all of our parks and facilities.