Park Board closes playgrounds, reminds community to adhere to social distancing

March 20 2020 –

The Vancouver Park Board is closing its playgrounds across the city and reminding Vancouverites about the importance of social distancing when visiting parks and beaches during the COVID-19 pandemic. Playgrounds are being closed in an effort to minimize public gatherings and the potential of risk to the community. 

Protect yourself and others

People not in self-isolation do not need to remain indoors. However, everyone needs to avoid being in close contact with people in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To protect yourself and others:

  • Keep at least 2 metres (6 feet) from others 
  • Visit parks and beaches during less busy times
  • Limit the number of visits to parks and beaches to provide opportunities for others to access
  • Avoid gathering in groups
  • Limit high-touch recreational activities such as volleyball or frisbee
  • Wash or sanitize hands after touching communal surfaces
  • Anyone feeling sick, especially if coughing or experiencing a fever, please stay at home

The Park Board and City of Vancouver continue to work with public health officials and multiple partners on the COVID-19 response. 

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