Park Board statement on 4/20 marijuana event at Sunset Beach Park

April 17 2018

4/20 event at Sunset Beach

The 4/20 marijuana event will take place in Sunset Beach Park, against the wishes of the elected Park Board Commissioners.

The Board continues to have concerns about the impact the 4/20 event  on residents, the park and facilities that serve our community.

A special event permit wasn't issued

The Park Board does not believe this event is an appropriate use of park space because it violates our no smoking bylaws and has negative consequences for park users and infrastructure.

The Board has declined to give organizers a permit as the event does not meet our criteria for issuing a special event permit.

Protecting the public and the parks

In the best interest of the public the Park Board will do everything it can – in cooperation with partners at the City, VPD, VFRS, BC Ambulance, and health authorities - to ensure public safety is maintained and to minimize public and park impacts during this event.

We are looking at ways to better protect the wet and soggy turf in the park this year so the public does not experience a similar loss of use as last year. Event organizers have told us they will place a protective covering, at their expense, around the main stage area to protect the turf at this year’s 4/20 event.

Park Rangers will be going door to door in the vicinity of Sunset Beach in the next week to hand deliver leaflets outlining plans for the event and to inform residents of significant crowds, traffic impacts, and potential health concerns to those with sensitivity to smoke.


As in last year, the adjacent seawall, the Sunset Concession and the Vancouver Aquatic Centre (VAC) will be temporarily closed on April 20. Please note that the VAC will also be closed April 19 for electrical upgrades to the facility.

The Park Board will continue to work with partners at the City to encourage organizers to find an alternate location for the event in future years.