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Park Board calls Special Meeting to review practice of keeping captive whales and dolphins in Stanley Park

July 14 2014

Park Board office at 2099 Beach Ave.

The Vancouver Park Board will meet on Saturday, July 26, at 9:00am to review the practice of keeping captive whales, dolphins, and porpoises – a group of marine mammals called cetaceans – at the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park.

This meeting comes from the board passing a motion on April 28, 2014, for staff to:

  • Prepare a report to the board by July on the aquarium’s current operations related to cetaceans, including a review of the operations of other comparable aquariums that may or may not have captive cetaceans

View the report  (933 KB)

  • Provide a public memo on the current agreements and relationship between the Vancouver Park Board and the Vancouver Aquarium 

View the memo (210 KB)

  • Invite the Vancouver Aquarium to present to the Park Board on their programming, education, and rehabilitation related to cetaceans, as well as their work with other aquariums
  • Give the public a full and timely opportunity to review the report, provide comments, and speak to the report

At the Special Meeting, the board will receive a staff report and a presentation from the Vancouver Aquarium, and hear from speakers.

Speak at the meeting

The meeting is on Saturday, July 26, starting at 9:00am, at the Park Board Administration Office, 2099 Beach Avenue.

Sign up to speak now 

The deadline to sign up is 12:00 noon on Friday, July 25.

Have something to say to your elected Park Board?

The Vancouver Parks Board entrance in Stanley Park.

Speak at a meeting

Request to speak to Park Board commissioners about committee meeting agenda items. Request by noon, the day of the meeting.

The Park Board and the Vancouver Aquarium

Learn about the relationship and current agreeement between the Park Board and the Vancouver Aquarium in a memo from the Park Board's General Manager.

Download the GM's memo

Download the Vancouver Aquarium Licence Agreement