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Please don't leave pets unattended in cars in warm weather

May 22 2014

Dog in park

As the weather gets warmer, take care of your pet by not leaving it in the car when you’re out together.

Even in the shade with the windows partly open, the inside temperature in a car can quickly rise high enough to seriously harm or even kill your pet. A dog can be overwhelmed by heat in as little as 10 minutes. Your dog will be more comfortable if left at home.

Who to contact

If you see a dog in a car on a warm or humid day who looks like it needs help, ask nearby stores, or businesses to page customers. If the dog is in distress, immediately call:

  • BC SPCA Cruelty Hotline: 1-855-622-SPCA

Find out how to keep your pet safe during warm weather 


Resources on how to care of your pet

Care for your pet

Get resources to care for your pets: advice to be a responsible pet owner, dog classes, off-leash dog areas, spay and neuter information, and pet emergency tips.