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Update on Port Metro Vancouver fire

March 4 2015

View of smoke from Centennial Pier fire

Under order of the fire chief, the areas from East of Main Street, North of First Ave and West of Nanaimo are now clear. The shelter-in-place order has been lifted.

Smoke is lessening but people are encouraged to stay away from the fire area. If you are experiencing breathing issues please get indoors.

Shelter available

Those in the Downtown Eastside who don't have access to housing can find a safe place right now at:

  • Carnegie Center, 401 Main St
  • Evelyne Saller Center, 320 Alexander St
  • Union Gospel Mission, 601 E Hastings St

All Vancouver Public Library braches and community centres in the area remain open for people needing to remain inside.
A chemical fire started in a container at Port Metro Vancouver’s Centerm facility earlier this afternoon.

Anyone experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty breathing should see a physician right away.

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