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Port fire update from City and Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services

March 5 2015

Port Metro Vancouver

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services continued to manage the container fire overnight. The temperature of the container is coming down toward ambient temperature, the temperature of the surrounding environment, an indication of the reduction in combustion.

There is no risk to the public at this time and the fire chief has continued the all-clear designation for the community.

Yesterday a total of 13 people went to hospital for respiratory concerns and all were released.

Cause of fire not yet known

Plans are being developed to bring the situation to resolution so that operations at the Centerm can resume.

The original cause of the fire remains unknown and will remain so until Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services can safely open up the container for investigation.

Emergency operations centres active

City and Port Metro Vancouver emergency operations centres are active. The fire chief is overseeing the situation.

Thirty firefighters are involved on site right now. Firefighters are using full protective equipment and there is ongoing monitoring for health impacts at the site of the fire.

Operations at Port Metro Vancouver are back to normal, with the exception of  the Centerm container terminal, which remains closed. There is also a 100 metre exclusion area around the burned container.

Air quality readings safe

City of Vancouver is working with experts, Metro Vancouver, and Vancouver Coastal Health to monitor air quality. All air quality readings are currently at safe levels. 

As noted by the fire chief's all clear, areas most affected yesterday afternoon (north of 1st Avenue and west of Nanaimo Street) are safe to go outside. However, we advise anyone who is having symptoms to stay indoors.

Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre at 920 E Hastings St has nurse practitioners and physicians on site and at the clinic next door to assist anyone needing primary care today.