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Due to a possible postal disruption, choose other options than mail

June 22 2016 Online services provide quick and convenient options for payment and grants


In the event of a possible Canada Post service disruption, there are many options available to ensure payments are received by the City on time.

Due to the uncertainty regarding postal service, if you choose to mail your tax payments, home owner grant claims, or deferral forms, you should do so no later than Thursday, June 23.     

Penalty for late payments

Property taxes, homeowner grant claims, and tax deferral renewals are due Tuesday, July 5, 2016

If payments are sent by mail, but they do no arrive to us by the due date, a 5% penalty is applied. We do not accept Canada Post postmarks as a proof of on-time payment. 

The quickest and most convenient way to pay taxes and submit a grant is online, which provides instant confirmation of receipt. 

Tax payments may be made:

  • Through online banking
  • In-person at your bank
  • At Vancouver City Hall

Account balance and tax notice

If you have not received a tax notice, check your tax balance online and print your tax notice. If you are a property owner, or a new owner, you are responsible for paying your taxes whether or not a tax notice is received.

Use our online services to avoid line-ups and delays

In the weeks leading up to the property tax due date, there may be long lines at the City Hall tax office and greater call volumes for the 3-1-1 information phone line. To avoid line-ups and delays, please use our online services.

Online you can:

Apply every year for your home owner grant

Anyone claiming a home owner grant must apply every year. Most banks no longer accept home owner grants, so if you are paying taxes in person at a bank, you must submit your grant to us separately or claim online.