City staff engaging with the public using Lego

Let's talk money, Vancouver

Public engagement kicks off on 2019 City Budget

October 26 2018 –

We are kicking off our annual public engagement campaign to solicit public input on priorities for spending in the 2019 Budget. Vancouver residents are able to provide their feedback via a Talk Vancouver online survey and/or by attending one of several in-person sessions in the community.

The input from the engagement will inform the development of the draft budget, scheduled to be presented to Council in mid-December.

Have your say

There are multiple ways that residents can make their views on the City's budget known including:

  • Complete the Talk Vancouver survey - anyone can participate
  • Attend one of the community-based events or find City staff at one of the many "pop up" engagement opportunities around the city
  • The City will hold a webinar in November to solicit input from key stakeholders
  • The public will have another opportunity to provide feedback in late November, after the draft budget has been published online

More information is available on our website, and residents can watch our events calendar and social media channels for specific dates, locations, and times.

Independent telephone survey

This year the City commissioned an independent telephone survey in July to ask residents for their opinions on the importance of, and the City's performance on, specific services. Those results are being used to guide the drafting of departmental budgets in order to improve City services, increase value for taxes and improve overall quality of life in our city.

In the survey, the majority of Vancouver residents and business owners said they were satisfied with overall City services. The Civic Service Satisfaction Survey results have been posted on our website.

Highlights of survey results

  • Overall satisfaction with City services is high - 83 percent of residents and 80 percent of businesses said they were "very" or "somewhat" satisfied
  • The most highly ranked individual services for both residents and businesses included: library, fire, and medical response, police services, parks and green spaces, and online services/online payment
  • Services that residents said needed the most improvement were: enabling affordable housing, homelessness services, development and building permits, and social policies and projects; businesses said the City most needed to improve on development and building permitting, parking, long-range planning and transportation infrastructure
  • 91 percent of residents and 88 percent of businesses said the quality of life in Vancouver is good or very good
  • The top issues in the city identified by residents, in order of importance, were: housing, infrastructure and transportation, cost of living and social issues
  • Businesses ranked their most important issues as: infrastructure and transportation, housing, cost of living, and development
  • 79 percent of residents and 72 percent of businesses said they receive good value for their tax dollars

Respondents to the survey, conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, included 600 residents and 200 business operators across all neighbourhoods and income levels.

The feedback from this survey aligns with what the City heard earlier this year when it engaged with the public in April and again in June on the 2019-2022 Capital Plan. That engagement included a mix of online surveys, third-party focus groups, face-to-face activities at community events, and low barrier installations in high traffic public facilities.

Top priorities

The public indicated their support for maintaining and renewing the City's infrastructure and amenities, with their top priorities being in the areas of transportation, affordable housing, and community facilities and childcare.