Random order candidate list drawn for the 2018 city election ballot

Official list will be the same on every ballot

Mural with caption: Vancouver votes
September 21 2018 –

The official candidate list to be displayed on the 2018 city election ballot is now available.

This summer, Vancouver City Council and the Vancouver School Board voted to list candidates on the ballot in random order to create a more even playing field. To obtain the random order list for the ballot, City of Vancouver Election Office staff conducted a draw tonight In accordance with section 79 external website of the Vancouver Charter.

The official candidate list will be the same on every ballot, and is as follows. 

Candidates for mayor

(One to be elected)

  • LAMARCHE, Jason
  • HANSEN, Mike
  • YANO, John
  • CHEN, David (ProVancouver)
  • SYLVESTER, Shauna
  • AUBICHON, Maynard
  • BUDAY, Gölök Z
  • STEWART, Kennedy
  • CASSIDY, Sean
  • BREMNER, Hector (YES Vancouver)
  • FOGAL, Connie (IDEA Vancouver)
  • YOUNG, Wai (Coalition Vancouver)
  • KAISER, Sophia Cherryes Kaur
  • LY, Tim
  • MASSEY, Lawrence
  • SIM, Ken (NPA)
  • CHAN, Ping
  • SHOTTHA, Satie

Candidates for councillor

(Ten to be elected)

  • FRANSON, Marlo
  • BOYLE, Christine (OneCity)
  • BASRA, Nycki (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • DE GENOVA, Melissa (NPA)
  • TAYLOR, Elizabeth (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • CROOK, Adrian
  • FRY, Pete (GREEN)
  • SPARK, John
  • CAUDWELL, Justin 
  • RAUNET, Françoise
  • BUCHANAN, Barbara
  • KOUTALIANOS, Anastasia
  • HARDWICK, Colleen (NPA)
  • NOBLE, Penny
  • LOW, Ken (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • ROBERTS, Anne (COPE)
  • CRELLIN, Breton (ProVancouver)
  • PETA, Franco (Coalition Vancouver)
  • ALM, Kelly
  • EVANS, Catherine (Vision Vancouver)
  • MIRZA, Raza (ProVancouver)
  • DOMINATO, Lisa (NPA)
  • BLIGH Rebecca (NPA)
  • KRISTIANSEN, Lisa (ProVancouver)
  • XIE, Jason (Coalition Vancouver)
  • SHUM, Erin
  • COOK, Graham
  • VIRDI, Jaspreet (YES Vancouver)
  • MUSSIO, Penny (Coalition Vancouver)
  • MIEDZYGORSKI, Herschel
  • HUGHES, Ashley
  • GOODRICH, Justin P (NPA)
  • EL-RAYES, Hamdy
  • QUIMPO, Jojo (NPA)
  • LIN, James (Coalition Vancouver)
  • PAZ, Tanya (Vision Vancouver)
  • BAINS Brinder (YES Vancouver)
  • MALUSA, John (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • TANG, Phyllis (YES Vancouver)
  • KIRBY-YUNG, Sarah (NPA)
  • GREWAL, David (NPA)
  • CHARKO, Ken (Coalition Vancouver)
  • GRANT, Wade
  • JOHL, Jesse (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • SWANSON, Jean (COPE)
  • PEROSA, Elishia (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • FALLS, Larry
  • BHANDAL, Taqdir Kaur
  • FU, Hsin-Chen
  • KENNEDY, Gordon T
  • MOLLINEAUX, Michelle (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • COPELAND, Cord "Ted"
  • BLYTH, Sarah
  • CARDONA, Diego (Vision Vancouver)
  • CHERNEN, Glen (Coalition Vancouver)
  • RAMDEEN, Katherine
  • O'KEEFE, Derrick (COPE)
  • LI, Morning (Coalition Vancouver)
  • PORTER, Elke
  • ZHANG, Wei Qiao (Vision Vancouver)
  • WONG, David HT (GREEN)
  • KHAN, Abubakar
  • YAN, Brandon 甄念本 (OneCity)
  • CARR, Adriane (GREEN)
  • OSTLER, Stephanie (YES Vancouver)
  • WIEBE, Michael (GREEN)
  • CHAN, Glynnis (YES Vancouver)
  • REZEL, Rohana (ProVancouver)
  • DEAL, Heather (Vision Vancouver)

Candidates for park commissioner

(Seven to be elected)

  • ZARUDINA, Olga (Coalition Vancouver)
  • DEMERS, David (GREEN)
  • BARKER, Tricia (NPA)
  • HAMILTON, Jamie Lee (IDEA Vancouver)
  • ROSSETTI, Massimo (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • NEMETZ, Steven L 
  • FUOCO, Chris (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • MALDONADO, Juan Carlos (Coalition Vancouver)
  • GALLOWAY, Jason (Coalition Vancouver)
  • SANGHA, Taran Kaur (Coalition Vancouver)
  • COUPAR, John (NPA)
  • HEBA, Leo (YES Vancouver)
  • RELPH, Cliff 
  • SIU, Winnie (Coalition Vancouver)
  • BEESLA, Pall (NPA)
  • CRAWFORD, Casey (NPA)
  • SHIVJI, Shamim (Vision Vancouver)
  • YEUNG, Jennifer (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • COPPING, Ann-Marie (NPA)
  • KAGIS, Mathew (Work Less Party)
  • HURLBUT, Rick (ProVancouver)
  • CUEVAS, Victor 
  • ZUBKO, Cameron (Vision Vancouver)
  • JOHL, Yogi (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • IRWIN, John (COPE)
  • DUMONT, Camil (GREEN)
  • EDGELOW, Greg (ProVancouver)
  • HAUGEN, Margaret (IDEA Vancouver)
  • CHANG, Ray En-Jui (Coalition Vancouver)

Candidates for school trustee

(Nine to be elected)

  • DESCÔTEAUX, Stéphanie (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • REDDY, Jennifer (OneCity)
  • KINDRID, Tiffiny (ProVancouver)
  • PRIETO, Julian (YES Vancouver)
  • GOODINE, Nadine C (Coalition Vancouver) 
  • FRASER, Janet (GREEN)
  • BERCIC, Carrie (OneCity)
  • RICHARDSON, Christopher JK (NPA)
  • ALM, Kelly
  • HANSON, Oliver (NPA)
  • GILL, Pratpal Kaur (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • GONZALEZ, Estrellita (GREEN)
  • KENNEDY, Gordon T
  • JAAF, Erica (OneCity)
  • QIU, Chris (NPA)
  • CHO, Carmen (NPA)
  • BARONET, Bruno (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • ANDERSON, BK Barbara (IDEA Vancouver)
  • PARROTT, Barb (COPE)
  • LEE, Marco (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • WOO, Sophia (Coalition Vancouver) 
  • LEUNG, Aaron (Vision Vancouver)
  • ZHOU, Ying (Coalition Vancouver) 
  • DENIKE Ken (Coalition Vancouver) 
  • WONG, Allan (Vision Vancouver)
  • DONG, Tony (VANCOUVER 1st)
  • BALLANTYNE, Fraser (NPA)
  • DAY, Diana (COPE)
  • ARNOLD, Erin (Vision Vancouver)
  • OGER, Morgane
  • FARROKHI, Fairnia

Get to know the list and plan your vote

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the list and to share it with your networks, so as many people as possible are prepared to vote with confidence. The list can be found:

  • Online
  • In two large advertisements found in the Vancouver Courier and Star Metro Vancouver on September 27
  • In the printed voters’ guide found at Vancouver community centres and libraries, available as of September 27

The Plan Your Vote website will be available starting September 27 to help you review the candidates and build a plan that shows where your desired candidates are on the ballot.

You may also use a Plan Your Vote worksheet in the printed voters’ guide that shows the names in official ballot order. 

When and where to vote

Vote on any of the following nine days in October:

  • Advance voting: October 10 to 17, 8am to 8pm
  • Election day: October 20, 8am to 8pm

You can vote at any location that is open on the day you choose to vote. For advance voting, 12 voting places will be open across Vancouver, and on election day, more than 100 voting places will be open. 

For voters who cannot vote in-person, other options are available, including voting by mail. 

We strongly encourage you to vote in advance, as wait times may be shorter and more time may be needed to navigate the random order list on the ballot.

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