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Recommendations on taxi and rideshare services to go to City Council

October 15 2015


After a one-year review of taxi and rideshare services in Vancouver, a report with 21 recommendations based on consultations with the Vancouver Taxi Roundtable and other key stakeholders will go to Council next week.

The report to Council urges the Ministry of Transportation, the Passenger Transportation Board, YVR, the taxi industry, TransLink, and other stakeholders to take steps to establish a renewed regional policy that balances the needs of passengers with the requirement for a stable, sustainable taxi service in the context of new technology.

A total of 21 recommendations in the report will be brought forward in seven key areas:

  1. Safety, first aid, and customer service
  2. Accessible taxi supply
  3. Enforcement
  4. Advanced data monitoring
  5. Environmental performance
  6. Regional-level taxi planning
  7. Ridesharing

Examples of specific changes include:

  • Increase taxi supply by allowing an additional 38 suburban taxis to service Vancouver during peak weekend times
  • Require data sharing from taxis for purposes of region-wide planning and enforcement
  • Examine the issues and the opportunities for ridesharing throughout Metro Vancouver, not just the city
  • Examine opportunities for destination-themed taxi stand hubs, such as "Surrey-bound" or "North Shore-bound" taxi stands in Vancouver

Read the Council report PDF file (326 KB)

Review explored how to expand taxi service

On October 1, 2014, Council directed staff to explore measures necessary to expand taxi service, while ensuring the industry responds to the needs of consumers and stakeholders in the tourism, hospitality, and disability community through innovation and best-in-class standards for safety and service.

Staff were also asked to look at the Passenger Transportation Board decision on allowing suburban taxis to work in Vancouver during high volume periods, and to explore new "ridesharing" technology.

Taxis are provincially regulated

Unlike other cities in Canada or the United States, the City of Vancouver cannot approve taxis on its own.

The Provincial Passenger Transportation Board (PTB) issues approvals for additional taxis based on proposals brought forward; the City cannot approve taxis unless the PTB has first done so.

To date, ridesharing company Uber has not applied to the PTB to operate in Vancouver.

The City remains committed to ensuring Vancouver's taxi service remains an industry leader in the provision of safe, timely, economical, accessible, environmentally sustainable and innovative service.