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Separate glass collection starts this month

October 5 2015

Multi-family building recycling carts

Our recycling program is changing and expanding.

We are implementing the first of three phases of separate glass collection, beginning with City-serviced multi-family buildings (apartments, condos and townhomes).

Separate glass collection roll-out

Phase 1 – City-serviced multi-family buildings
October 5 – December 31, 2015

Phase 2 – Single family residences and City-serviced multi-family buildings
(on single family curbside routes)
January 11 – March 31, 2016

Phase 3 – Non-City-serviced multi-family buildings
May 1 – July 31, 2016

Watch for new “glass bottle + jars” cart

City-serviced multi-family buildings will receive a new “glass bottle + jars” recycling cart shortly. Residents are asked to recycle all glass bottles and jars using this cart as soon as it arrives.

Deposit glass containers (wine, spirits, coolers, beer and juice bottles) should still be returned to a depot for refund.

Additional recycling program updates 

  • All newspapers and mixed paper are now accepted together and can be placed in the mixed paper cart.
  • Paper cups, milk cartons, TetraPaks, empty aerosol cans (non-paint) and frozen dessert boxes can now be recycled in the mixed containers cart.

Learn how to dispose of items with the Waste Wizard

Residents can learn how to dispose of items for recycling with the online Waste Wizard tool.

Use the Waste Wizard to find:

  • A full list of items accepted as part of the City’s recycling program
  • How to recycle items not accepted in the City’s program

By properly recycling materials, you help Keep Vancouver Spectacular!

Why collect glass separately

The collection of separate glass supports our contract agreement with Multi-Materials BC and aligns with the our commitment to Zero Waste as part of our Greenest City Action Plan.

Additional information regarding separate glass collection for single family residences and non-City-serviced multi-family buildings will be provided as these changes are phased in. Stay tuned! 

Learn more about the expanded recycling program