Remembrance Day events at Mountain View Cemetery

Two events free to the public are being held at Mountain View Cemetery from November 9 to 11.

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November 8 2018 –

Sounding the Sophia 

Considered one of the worst nautical disasters in the history of the Pacific Northwest, the sinking of the S.S. Princess Sophia passenger steamship resulted in the deaths of all 353 passengers and crew, who were stuck on Vanderbilt Reef for two full days with nearby help unable to reach them. Over 70 of the deceased are buried in Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetery.

On the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking, The Little Chamber Music Series That Could presents Sounding the Sophia, a concert inspired by this historic event. 

Featuring three newly composed works by local composers Nancy Tam, Mishelle Cuttler, and Kathleen Allan, Sounding the Sophia examines the vibrancy of those aboard the ship, the power of the natural world, and the implications of loss.

This special event will also feature an exhibit on the S.S. Princess Sophia from the Maritime Museum of British Columbia. 

On Saturday, November 10 at 3pm, the Maritime Museum will also be installing a headstone for the O’Brien family, who were all lost in the disaster and have been resting unidentified in Mountain View Cemetery. 

When: November 9 and 10
7pm - exhibit opens
8pm - performance

Where: Mountain View Cemetery
5545 Fraser St

  • The S.S. Sophia O’Brien headstone dedication is located at Jones Section, Block 29, 100 meters west of the Celebration Hall. View a map .
  • The Maritime Museum display is located by Celebration Hall, about 175 meters west of Fraser St at 39th Ave. View a map .

Centrum Corpora

To mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day and the end of “the war to end all wars,” Little Chamber Music will be placing 100 professional, student, and community musicians in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission section of Mountain View Cemetery. 

The musicians and their instruments will each represent a World War One casualty, and will be standing behind their marker for the performance. Simple, beautiful chords will echo through the cemetery when 100 instruments repeat the name and date of death of their veteran 100 times, as the community walks amongst them for this unique composed sound installation lasting approximately 25 minutes. In the spirit of what soldiers in World War One faced, this outdoor performance will proceed in any weather conditions.

The 100 soldiers selected are all part of The World Remembers  project and their names will be seen around the world this fall, beginning September 12.

When: November 11 at 11am

Where: Mountain View Cemetery
5545 Fraser St

  • Located at Jones 45 about 400 meters west of Fraser St at 39th Ave. View a map .

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Mountain View Cemetery has the most military interments of any cemetery in Canada with more than 12,000 across four Fields of Honour. The Jones 45 section is considered the premiere Commonwealth War Graves Commission site in North America.