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RestART workshop and mural deterring illegal graffiti

October 12 2012

RestART Mural - Aboriginal Art

The City’s Integrated Graffiti Management Program teamed up with the Grandview-Woodland Community Policing Centre and Vancouver Police Department for the 14th RestART (restorative justice through art) workshop and mural.

The RestART workshop included six youths and four mentor artists exploring the impacts of graffiti and discussing the need for collective responsibility in finding solutions and alternative options to the negative ramifications of illegal graffiti.

The mural, which came out of the workshop, was designed by aboriginal artist Jerry Whitehead and executed by mentor artists Vince Dumoulin, Larissa Healey and Travis Nelson. The mural concept is based on community, the individual and the collective responsibilities of family members. Participating youth developed designs for the characters according to the overall concept and made significant contributions to the mural application. The mural is located along the Grandview Viaduct just across from the Home Depot at 900 Terminal Avenue.

RestART is a restorative justice art program that provides youth who have previously engaged in illegal graffiti with opportunities to express themselves in a positive way under mentorship from established local artists and community members. The RestART Program has experienced success with deterring youth participants from reentering the illegal graffiti subculture.

The Integrated Graffiti Management Program focuses on the eradication of graffiti, continued enforcement of the City’s graffiti by-law as well as education and prevention to deter graffiti on public and private property. Everyone shares the responsibility for keeping Vancouver beautiful. Residents are encouraged to report graffiti on public property by calling 311 and to call 911 if they see vandalism in the act.

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