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Safe clothing donation bins allowed in Vancouver

October 2 2019 –

Clothing donation bins will be returning to Vancouver, with City Council approving the conditions and a set of safety criteria for their use on City and private property. 

To ensure clothing donation bins do not pose safety risks, clothing donation bins will be permitted in Vancouver if the operator has a business licence and written certification from a BC-accredited professional engineer stating the construction, design, and operation of the donation bin is safe.

Operators are also responsible for ensuring tidy premises and safe operations of their donation bin through regularly scheduled maintenance and servicing.

Locations on City-owned land that are suitable for a donation bin will be identified through an upcoming City-branded program.

Find information on the requirements to operate a donation bin in Vancouver

Clothing donation bins help divert used clothing and textiles from the landfill or incinerator, provide benefits to local charities and those in need, and support the City’s zero waste goal.

For a complete list of options where used clothing can be dropped off, search "clothing" in the VanCollect mobile app or on the City’s Waste Wizard tool.