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Safety improvements to begin at Knight and SE Marine interchange

July 21 2017

Intersection of Knight Street and SE Marine Drive

Construction at the Knight Street and SE Marine interchange will begin Sunday, July 30 to increase safety and connectivity for all road users at this busy intersection and off-ramp. 

Why we are doing the work

The Knight and SE Marine interchange is currently the highest vehicle-to-vehicle collision location in Vancouver. The project will improve safety through:

  • Design and signalization changes to the intersection and bridge ramps
  • Upgraded street lighting
  • Enhanced traffic monitoring systems

The work will also improve connectivity for all modes of travel with:

  • A new turn bay to provide access from westbound SE Marine Drive to northbound Knight Street
  • Enhancements to the region’s movement of goods 
  • Improved conditions for people walking, cycling, and using transit with a new shared walking and cycling path 
  • The upgrades were approved by Council in June 2015. Implementation is by the support of Transport Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Fund, with additional funding courtesy of TransLink’s Major Road Network funding program and ICBC’s Road Improvement Program. 

When road work will occur

To limit traffic impacts, construction on the off-ramps will occur only at night, typically between 8:00pm and 5:00am.

Work will occur on SE Marine Drive during the day, with the exception of morning and afternoon peak periods. However, traffic delays are expected, particularly for northbound traffic on the Knight Street Bridge after 8:00pm. Northbound travellers are encouraged to consider alternate routes.

Work is scheduled to be completed by November 2017.

Tools to help you plan ahead

All road users are encouraged to plan ahead by:

The City extends its thanks to residents and travelers for their patience while this critical work is completed.

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