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Seawall improvements and safety widening

October 16 2015

Southeast False Creek Seawall in 2011
Photograph by Google

The portion of the Seawall between the Olympic Village and Cambie Bridge will get a facelift this fall to enhance your safety and comfort as you walk or cycle on this popular recreation route.

Following recent improvements along other parts of the Seawall, such as near Science World and English Bay, the path will be widened to a minimum of six metres, allowing the paths for walking and cycling to be three metres each. The paths will be separated by either a painted line or concrete curb.

Other improvements as part of this project include:

  • Additional seating
  • Marked crosswalks at key points
  • Bike racks

What to expect as we build these improvements

During construction, we'll provide a paved and gravel detour next to the existing path. If you need continuous pavement, follow the signs for a connection to 1st Avenue. Construction is expected to last one month.

Thousands walk and cycle the Seawall every day

Along this part of the Seawall route, we observed 2,700 people walking and 2,300 people cycling (5,000 in total) near Hinge Park over 12 hours on a Saturday in August 2013.

At Science World, we recorded an average of 7,100 people cycling per weekday in July 2015.

Half of all trips in the city aren't in cars

We have seen steady increases in trips taken on foot and by bicycle over the last five years.

As of this year, 50 per cent of all trips in the city are taken on foot, by bike, or by public transit, and this summer saw record numbers of cycling trips on almost all major bike routes.

Most recently across our nine permanent bike counters, we have recorded a 16 per cent increase of cycle traffic throughout Vancouver over the past year.