Cars on Granville Bridge with buildings in the background

Seismic and structural upgrades to Granville Bridge begin Monday

October 25 2019 –

We will begin the next phase of work on seismic and structural upgrades on Granville Bridge on Monday, October 28.

You should anticipate some delays due to lane closures in the construction areas.

Why we are doing the work

As part of the 2019-2022 Capital Plan, construction has been underway since fall 2018 to maintain the structural integrity and improve the seismic resilience of Granville Bridge. These upgrades will help to ensure that the bridge continues to serve us well into the future.

What type of work will be done

Starting Monday, construction will begin on the south approach of the bridge, which will require the closure of two central lanes in both directions and one lane on the Hemlock ramp.

Additional work will start late November on the Seymour ramp at the north end of the bridge as well as the 4th Avenue off-ramp.

The work will continue on different sections (centre lanes followed by curb side lanes) until all expansion joints replacement is complete.

Expected completion

The work on the bridge deck is anticipated to be completed by late 2020.

The full scope of bridge repairs and seismic upgrades includes replacing expansion joints, bearings, and repairing concrete and steel.

About Granville Bridge

Built in 1954, Granville Bridge is an eight-lane bridge spanning False Creek. The bridge is a major arterial route that sees 25,000 transit and 65,000 motor vehicle trips a day. The bridge is showing signs of aging common to bridges of its age and construction type.

What to expect during construction

  • The bridge will remain open during each phase of work, but the construction will require the closure of lanes south and north bound. Signage will be installed informing bridge users of the repair schedule and impacts.
  • All attempts will be made to maintain sidewalk access on both sides of the bridge.
  • One lane in each direction will be maintained at all times. 
  • Parking on each side of the bridge will be maintained.

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