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Separate glass collection - New grey box introduces changes to how you sort recycling

January 13 2016

glass grey recycling box

To better ensure that glass and other containers are recyclable at the end of their trip to a sorting facility, glass will be collected separate from plastic, metal, and paper containers in 2016.

What is the grey box?

The grey box, a special container for recycling glass bottles and jars, will be delivered to homes throughout Vancouver beginning this January. 

Why separate glass from other containers

Glass can break easily during collection. When broken glass mixes with plastic, metal, and paper containers, it becomes difficult to sort and properly recycle all of these materials. By separating glass, more of the glass and more of the other containers get recycled. 

Grey box delivery dates

Delivery of the new grey box to single family homes will be between January and April 2016.

Look up your grey box delivery date

Using your grey box

Glass bottles and jars should be recycled in the grey box as soon as it arrives. Take deposit glass containers such as wine, spirits, coolers, beer, and juice bottles to a Return-It depot for refund.

Grey boxes will be collected weekly with your blue box, yellow bag, and green bin. 

What to recycle and how to recycle what we don't accept 

New recycling cart for multi-unit buildings

Delivery of a new recycling cart labelled “glass bottles + jars” for multi-unit buildings serviced by us started in October 2015 and will continue into July 2016. 

Decreasing solid waste going to landfill

Expansion of the recycling and organics programs over the last five years, as part of the Greenest City Action Plan, have resulted in an 18% decrease in solid waste going to the landfill since 2008.