Flashing light for road construction

Sewer and street upgrades begin on MacDonald St

Coordinated with Broadway Subway early works

April 29 2019 –

Today, the City begins construction to upgrade critical sewer and street infrastructure along sections of MacDonald St from 1st Ave to 16th Ave. The City-led upgrades are also being coordinated with TransLink’s trolley wire relocations as part of the early work for the Broadway Subway.

New trolley wires will be installed along MacDonald St to reroute the #14 bus between 4th Ave and Broadway. These temporary relocations will help keep transit moving during construction for the Broadway Subway, which is set to begin in 2020. 

Planned upgrades

Construction along MacDonald St will be underway until spring 2020 to complete:

  • Sewer separation from 1st Ave to 4th Ave
  • Street and sidewalk rehabilitation from 1st Ave to 16th Ave
  • Upgrading street lighting from 4th Ave to Broadway
  • Installing a new traffic signal at Macdonald and 8th Ave, and upgrading signals at 3rd Ave, 4th Ave, Broadway, and 16th Ave for people walking and cycling
  • Installing a new median and painted zebra crosswalk at 14th Ave for people walking and cycling
  • Installing full-time, unregulated parking on the west side of Macdonald St from 12th Ave to 15th Ave for southbound vehicles (with the exception of one block between 13th Ave and 14th Ave)
  • Installing new trolley bases, poles, and wires between 4th Avenue and Broadway to enable temporary re-routing of the #14 bus

What to expect during construction

One lane of traffic in each direction will generally be maintained along MacDonald St, with the exception of a two-block, northbound closure from 4th Ave to 2nd Ave during required work hours only. Other impacts will be limited to sidewalk detours and parking restrictions – also during work hours. 

Work will also be coordinated around several special events underway this summer such as Greek Day and the Scotiabank Marathon in June, and the Khatshlano Street Party in July. 

Find more information about the MacDonald Street Upgrades.

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