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Share your #waterwise tips

May 13 2016 Lawn watering restrictions begin May 15

Be waterwise this summer to help conserve our drinking water

Annual lawn watering restrictions begin on May 15 to conserve water through the dry summer months when rainfall is at its lowest. 

Connect and share

If you see a neighbour watering outside of the permitted hours, a quick chat can help to ensure a neighbour has information on restrictions and can help them avoid a ticket.

Share what you do to be #waterwise through social media. 

How to be water wise

Reduce outdoor watering

The number one thing that you can do in the summer to be water wise is to reduce outdoor watering. One hour of lawn sprinkling can use as much water combined as:

  • 25 toilet flushes
  • Five loads of laundry
  • Five dishwasher loads

Lawns in Vancouver generally need only one inch of water for one hour a week, including rainfall, to stay healthy and green. 

How to be water wise all year

"Go gold" this summer and get a Gold Lawn Kit

“Go gold” this summer and save even more water by not watering your lawns at all.

Pick up a Gold Lawn Kit from City Hall or Pop-Up City Hall. The kit includes a lawn sign to signal to neighbours that you’ve made a conscious decision to stop watering your lawn. Lawn that is not watered over the summer months will go dormant and will grow green again when the rain returns. 

Know when to water your lawn

View the permitted times to water your lawn 

Watering lawn outside of the permitted times is a by-law offence. City staff are actively on patrol, and violations will result in a $250.00 fine.

See someone watering outside their permitted times? Report it: