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Sidewalk work underway to return pedestrians to east side of Burrard Bridge

July 21 2017 Construction at Burrard and Cornwall to accommodate upgrades

Burrard Bridge and English Bay

Starting Monday, July 24, City crews will return to the Burrard Street and Cornwall intersection to make curb adjustments as part of returning access to the east side of the bridge for people walking.

Why we are doing this work

When the Burrard Bridge bicycle lanes were implemented in 2009, the east sidewalk was transitioned from a walking sidewalk to a bicycle lane. Since the Burrard Bridge bike lane was implemented, it has consistently been the most heavily used protected bike lane in use in Vancouver. See year over year cycling volumes  (601 KB)

In assessing the opportunities presented by updating Burrard Bridge, City staff identified that vehicle volumes at the mid-span of the bridge were low enough to transform one lane to a bicycle lane and move bikes back to the street, and return the sidewalk on the east side for the enjoyment of people walking over the bridge.

Design work to return pedestrians to the east side of the bridge were approved in June 2015. Read the report  (1.79 MB)

What to expect during construction

The work is anticipated to take up to nine weeks, and will complete the connection of the sidewalk and protected bicycle lane from Burrard Street south of the bridge to the northbound bridge crossing. During this work:

  • The Burrard and Cornwall intersection will be reduced to one lane northbound, from West 1st Ave through Burrard Bridge.
  • Eastbound traffic on Cornwall Avenue will be reduced to one lane from Chestnut Street to Burrard Street.

Vehicle traffic is encouraged to use Granville Bridge or Cambie Bridge as alternate routes. Two lanes will be retained on Burrard Street for southbound traffic.

Thank you for your patience while the Burrard Street upgrades are being completed.

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