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Spread the Paint program is helping to keep Vancouver beautiful

November 29 2012

People removing graffiti

With support from the City of Vancouver’s Integrated Graffiti Management Program, the Youth Development Program at Collingwood Neighbourhood House is helping to eradicate graffiti in Vancouver’s Collingwood neighbourhood through the City’s Spread the Paint Program.

Since the summer, Collingwood Neighbourhood House has painted over graffiti throughout their neighbourhood, involving approximately 30 youth, the Vancouver Police Department and their Community Policing Centre, Vancouver School Board, Vancouver Park Board, local residents and businesses and the City’s paint and supplies partner, Dulux Paints.

The Spread the Paint Program, a partnership program, assists property owners with the removal of graffiti, explores the impact of graffiti and draws attention to the need to find solutions and alternative options to illegal graffiti.

Spread the Paint consists of a community event where individuals or groups work with local property owners and volunteers to paint over graffiti on their property. Hosting a Spread the Paint event can be a fun and rewarding activity that enables the public to take responsibility for their community and help beautify Vancouver.

The next event will take place this Friday, (Nov. 30) from 12 to 2 p.m. (weather permitting) at Collingwood Neighbourhood House, 2588 Joyce Street in Vancouver, along Berry Trail. Youth interested in volunteering at a Collingwood Neighbourhood House Spread the Paint event should contact Jennifer Stanford at 778.840.7148 for more information. 

The City’s Integrated Graffiti Management Program focuses on the eradication of graffiti, continued enforcement of the City’s graffiti by-law as well as education and prevention to deter graffiti on public and private property. Everyone shares the responsibility for keeping Vancouver beautiful.

If you would like to host your own Spread the Paint event in your neighbourhood, please visit vancouver.ca/graffiti or call 3-1-1.

The City encourages residents to report graffiti on public property by calling 3-1-1 and to call 9-1-1 if you witness vandalism taking place.

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