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Stage three water restrictions now in effect

July 21 2015

Conserving water saves water resources for future generations, and money.

On July 20, 2015, Metro Vancouver advanced the region to Stage 3 of its water restrictions.

The City of Vancouver is taking action to help educate the public and ensure compliance across the whole city and within our own operations.

What the new restrictions mean for you

In addition to the Stage 2 restrictions, here are the key changes in Stage 3:

  1. Watering of residential and non-residential lawns is no longer permitted at any time. Water exemption permits for new lawns and nematode application are now cancelled and no new permits will be issued.
  2. Watering of flower gardens, vegetable gardens, decorative planters, shrubs, and trees is only permitted by hand or drip irrigation. No sprinklers or soaker hoses are allowed.
  3. Car and boat washing is no longer permitted. Commercial car washes can still operate.
  4. Filling or refilling of private pools, ponds, spas and hot-tubs is prohibited.

Learn about the water restrictions

We've made significant efforts to reduce water use

We adjusted our water consumption at City and Park Board facilities starting the week of July 7 to pre-emptively meet Stage 3 restrictions.

For example, cemetery lawns and most park areas haven't been watered since July 7, and ornamental fountains and other water features have been turned off unless they use only recirculated water.

Our staff continue to retrofit water parks without user-activated buttons so they can be reopened for you to enjoy.

Starting this week golf fairways will no longer be watered, and greens and tees will be watered minimally.

Sand-based sports playing fields will only be watered minimally to ensure their recovery after the drought. Other sports fields won't be watered.

Although it's not required under Stage 3 watering restrictions, we've shut down our car wash at National Yards that's used by fleet vehicles such as police cars and sanitation trucks. City vehicles will have mirrors, lights, and windows spot cleaned for safety.

We're increasing our enforcement of water restrictions

To make sure we all comply with Metro Vancouver's restrictions, our bylaw officers are now enforcing restrictions seven days a week, days and evenings.

A new bylaw will be brought to Council on Wednesday, July 22 to update enforcement capabilities across all areas of the restrictions.

The fine for watering lawns outside the restrictions or washing non-permeable surfaces (like driveways and walkways) is $250.