Statement from Park Board Chair on commencement of legal action against Riley Park Hillcrest Community Association

Hillcrest Community Centre
May 6 2014 –

Over the last few weeks there has been significant public concern expressed to the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation in regard to alleged irregularities in the conduct of business at the Riley Park Hillcrest Community Association.

The Park Board has requested information from the Association to assess the situation — a request that is the Park Board’s right under the Joint Operating Agreement. 

To date, the Association has refused to comply with our request. The lack of information precludes the Park Board from being able to provide assurance that funds generated from the use of a public facility are under appropriate stewardship by the Association. 

In order to address this, the Board of Parks and Recreation has filed a Notice of Civil Claim yesterday against Riley Park Hillcrest Community Association for breach of its contractual obligations under the Joint Operating Agreement as they relate to our information requests of April 10 and 25, 2014, for audited financial statements and an accounting of expenditures.

In the action, the Park Board has outlined the existing allegations that have been raised with respect to the Association’s alleged misconduct and improper use of funds from membership fees; failure to provide overdue audited financial statements for 2013; failure to provide an accounting of expenditures for 2012, 2013, and 2014 to date; and failure to provide notice to the Park Board of all meetings of the association and its directors as they are scheduled. 

As Chair of the Park Board, it is my hope that the Association will provide the documents soon, but we will continue to pursue this action until that goal has been accomplished.
Aaron Jasper
Chair, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

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