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Statement from Park Board Chair on BC Supreme Court legal proceedings

January 17 2014

Vancouver Park Board office at Stanley Park

On January 17, 2014, the Supreme Court of British Columbia delivered a decision that delays the Park Board’s ability to terminate agreements with six associations - Killarney, Kensington, Kerrisdale, Hastings, Sunset, and Hillcrest Community Centres until a more fulsome trial on the matter can be heard by the Court.

In August 2013, these six Community Centre Associations (CCAs) initiated legal actions seeking financial damages and court interventions to block the Park Board from implementing changes that would improve service and access to recreation programs for citizens. In addition, in that action the CCAs claim a right to half of the asset value of the six community centres; an amount totaling millions of dollars.

The Vancouver Park Board’s interest lies with providing quality services to our residents and protecting the interests of taxpayers in our communities who have invested millions of dollars and volunteer hours to build the outstanding network of community centres throughout our city.

Park Board will be reviewing the decision. Park Board remains committed to implementing its system-wide public policy goals to provide quality programs and ensure all Vancouver residents have universal access to the full network of taxpayer-funded recreation facilities and programs in the city, regardless of income level and location.

Park Board will continue to work with the six associations to make the OneCard valid for their programs. Over 90,000 residents have acquired the OneCard, which is now being used at 16 of our community centres across the city since its launch in July 2013.

Niki Sharma
Chair, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

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