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Statement on BC Supreme Court decision to uphold Shaughnessy Heritage Conservation Area

October 24 2016

A character home in Shaughnessy
Photograph by Google

We are pleased with the decision by the BC Supreme Court to uphold the First Shaughnessy Heritage Conservation Area Official Development Plan, which legally protects pre-1940 heritage properties in the area from demolition and provides more clarity around conservation.

Establishing the First Shaughnessy District as Vancouver's first-ever Heritage Conservation Area in 2015 was an important move by City Council toward preserving and protecting valuable heritage homes in Vancouver.

First Shaughnessy is a historic Vancouver neighbourhood which was developed in the early 1900s as a premier residential area.

The heritage conservation area designation is a strong response to the steadily increasing number of demolition permit requests for pre-1940 homes in the area in recent years. Heritage conservation areas are used in municipalities across North America to identify, manage, and provide long-term protection to heritage resources. There are around 60 heritage conservation areas in British Columbia.

We continue to work on the Heritage Action Plan, which is examining different ways to encourage the retention of character homes and other heritage assets in Vancouver. We will continue to take a balanced approach in working to prevent the demolition of historic homes, while providing new opportunities to add modest density where appropriate.

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