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Stormy weather: Vancouver clean-up in high gear

August 30 2015


City of Vancouver and Park Board crews are working around the clock to respond to more than 1000 weather related calls of debris, damage and flooding after the worst storm in almost a decade blew through the region on Saturday.

The City’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) was activated early Saturday afternoon and remains operational for the forseeable future. As of 7am Sunday, our staff at EOC report that 90% of flood incident calls have been cleared.

The impacts of #BCStorm2015 include downed trees and power lines, flooding, property damage and widespread loss of power to City facilities and traffic lights at major intersections. City crews aim to have these major arterials fully cleared and functional by early afternoon today.

City engineering and urban forestry crews are working together on clearing 50 high priority areas today. These are locations where trees and debris have fallen on homes and power lines.

City facilities still without power today include City Hall at 12th and Cambie, currently running on a back-up generator. McLeery golf course and Rupert Street Pitch and Putt facilities are also running on generators. Thunderbird and Dunbar Community Centres and Templeton Pool remain closed with no power, and Templeton has flood damage. Kensington Community Library is also closed and without power.

City staff remind residents to clear leaves from any storm drains and catch basins near their property as more rain and winds are forecast for this afternoon. Please call 3-1-1 to report rain or wind-related damage, please call 9-1-1 for downed power lines.

The City of Vancouver would like to thank all residents for their assistance, understanding and support in the aftermath of this major weather event.

Please watch @CityofVancouver and @ParkBoard Twitter accounts for regular updates on #BCStorm2015.