Awards of excellence

Submit your nominations for the 2019 Awards of Excellence

Each children and youth winner to receive $500 bursary

March 4 2019 –

Do you know an individual, organization, or business that should be recognized for their outstanding civic achievements? If so, nominate them for a City of Vancouver Award of Excellence by April 5. 

Anyone who lives, works, volunteers, or attends school in Vancouver or the University Endowment Lands, and any organization or business based in the city is eligible for an award.  

Award categories

In total, three recipients — a child or youth, an adult, and an organization — will receive an award in each of the following five categories:

Accessible City Award 

Recognizes individuals or organizations that improve access and inclusion for persons with disabilities, or remove barriers and create opportunities. 

Civic Volunteer Award 

Recognizes those who excel at volunteering to make Vancouver a better place to live, work, and play. Nominees need to volunteer on a City board, agency, or committee, or with a group that gets funding from the City.

Diversity and Inclusion Award 

Celebrates the leadership of those who support inclusion, and advocate for communities to be free of racism and discrimination. Consideration will be given to applicants whose work supports diversity and inclusion related to: ethnicity, age, ancestry, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, and socioeconomic status.

Greenest City Leadership Award

Recognizes those who have made significant contributions to advancing our goal of becoming the Greenest City in the world. Whether they help protect our climate, reduce waste, support local food or enhance our natural spaces, these award recipients are environmental leaders.

Healthy City for All Award 

Recognizes those who lead projects that create a thriving, healthy, and liveable city for everyone.

Mayor’s Achievement Award

At the ceremony, a Mayor’s Achievement Award will also be presented to recipients who are selected personally by Mayor Stewart therefore nominations are not accepted in this category.

Selection criteria

The selection criteria used to recognize those who make Vancouver a greener, healthier, more accessible, prosperous, and inclusive city will be based on four areas:

Scope: The range of activities and breadth of influence or inspiration of the achievement 

Achievement: The significance of the achievement itself, with consideration given to creativity, innovation, and general significance of the activity for the individual or community

Impact: The potential for fundamental and lasting positive change

Method: The manner in which the activities were performed, for example, with creativity, innovation, inclusivity, consultation, and collaboration

Awards ceremony

All children and youth recipients will receive a $500 bursary as well as their Award of Excellence. 

An awards ceremony to honour the recipients will take place Friday, July 12 at Roundhouse Community Centre.

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