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Submit your voice for the Short-term Rentals Community Working Group

October 14 2020 –

As part of our ongoing efforts to monitor the effectiveness and impact of our short-term rental regulations, we're seeking a broad variety of voices to join a new Short-term Rentals Community Working Group.  

Residents from across Vancouver interested in joining are invited to visit to learn more and submit their application online.

Last fall, Council approved additional measures to strengthen the short-term rentals program, which included a community working group to identify community interest, ideas, and concerns.

“The Short-term Rentals Community Working Group aims to foster mutual understanding and dialogue on short-term rentals considering different community perspectives, and will be an important forum to discuss opportunities to enhance the short-term rental program in Vancouver,” said Chief Licence Inspector Kathryn Holm. 

Membership is open to all Vancouver residents

The Working Group will consist of 11-15 Vancouver residents and one external facilitator who will also act as the Chair.

  • Members will be selected by City staff and the group facilitator on the basis of their interest, relationship to short-term rentals and demographics to ensure a diverse and balanced set of viewpoints
  • The Working Group will be a mix of short-term rental operators and non-operators who are appointed in a volunteer capacity
  • Names of members and results from meetings will be shared online with the public
  • Members will meet virtually approximately five times over the next year with the first meeting to take place in November 2020
  • Access to a computer, tablet, or smart phone is needed as all meetings will take place on a weekday evening online via Webex  

 Applications will be accepted until midnight on October 31, 2020.  

Background on short-term rentals

Regulating short-term rentals is an important policy aspect of the City’s 10-Year Housing Vancouver Strategy to create new housing supply and ensure existing housing provides homes for people who want to live and work in Vancouver. 

  • The City’s short-term rental regulations are guided by seven principles (11 MB) approved by Council in 2017.
  • On April 10, 2018, Vancouver City Council enacted bylaws that allowed short-term rentals in a principal residence.
  • All persons wishing to operate a short-term rental in their principal residence must acquire a business licence and display the business licence number on any online listing used to market the short-term rental.
  • On September 1, 2018, short-term rental enforcement was fully launched. Anyone operating or listing a short-term rental without a business licence is subject to fines of up to $1,000.
  • In 2019, nearly 73% of short-term rental operators in Vancouver obtained a business licence – one of the highest compliance rates in North America.

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