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Summer sun to heat up city

June 23 2017 Stay safe, drink water, check on others

Person drinking water from water fountain

The return of summer sun is bringing heat this weekend, with hot weather warnings issued from Environment Canada. Stay hydrated, check on vulnerable neighbours, and use City facilities with air-conditioning if needed.

Tips to keep cool

Symptoms of heat-related illness and heat exhaustion include thirst, dizziness, confusion, weakness and fainting.

Assist your neighbours

People are asked to check on family, friends and neighbours who may be adversely impacted by the heat.

Hot weather can pose a health problem for at-risk citizens, particularly seniors, the homeless, and those with chronic health problems or who are socially isolated or reliant on caregivers.

The City’s community centres in the Downtown Eastside will ensure water is available for homeless and vulnerable people. Staff will practice extra vigilance in ensuring the safety of those most at risk. 

Everyone out and about in the city is also asked to watch out for people who might be in distress. If you see someone suffering from too much heat, call 9-1-1 and if you can, help the person cool off with water to the face and neck until emergency services arrive.

Detailed information on health safety during hot weather

Avoiding heat in the city

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