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Sunset Beach Park to be closed for repairs after 4/20

April 21 2017

Park Board staff cleaning up the field at Sunset Beach Park after the 4/20 marijuana event

The Vancouver Park Board will close Sunset Beach Park for up to five weeks to allow the field to recover from yesterday’s 4/20 marijuana event.

Park Board staff arrived at the park and nearby beach early this morning to assess the damage and begin the work of cleaning up. 

“The field is in rough shape and muddy with lots of rutting, holes, and dips so staff will need to aerate, over-seed, and top-dress it before it can be used again,” said Vancouver Park Board Chair Michael Wiebe.

“Organizers of the 4/20 event had indicated they would install a turf protector, but failed to do so. The Board will make every effort to recoup repair costs from organizers.”

Early estimates indicate that the cost of repairing the field will be in the thousands of dollars due to wet spring conditions. 

This morning, five to six thousand pounds of garbage was removed, which 4/20 organizers had collected and stacked in piles. Barricades, fencing, and portable toilets will also be removed today.

The field is used on an ad hoc basis, but is not booked by any groups for sports.

This is the second year that the 4/20 event was held at Sunset Beach Park. Event organizers applied for a permit to hold the event, but at a March 6 meeting the Board voted to not to provide a permit due to the smoking ban in parks, disruption to residents, and lack of alignment with Park Board mandate.