Sunset Community Centre voting extended for 15 minutes on October 16

Close-up of Vancouver City Hall with caption Vancouver Votes
October 17 2018 –

Voting was extended for 15 minutes at Sunset Community Centre on October 16, due to a fire alarm going off in the building at 7:45pm. 
The voting place was originally scheduled to close at 8pm. However, after the fire alarm went off, the building was evacuated, including the voting place. After the community centre was cleared of any fire issues, the voting place re-opened from 8:05pm to 8:20pm to ensure anyone wishing to vote was able to do so. 
The time extension was done in accordance with section 20 of the Vancouver Charter external website, which allows for a voting place to be closed temporarily and then reopened, as long as the total voting time is the same despite the adjournment.